Month: August 2018

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat has been at the top of our bucket list for a while now, and we were super stoked out to finally get a chance to experience the temple in person.  In fact, checking off Angkor Wat from our bucket list was the main reason why we decided to travel to Southeast Asia this Summer. Who wouldn’t want to get a chance to explore the grounds of ancient ruins so old, mysterious, and just so friggin cool that you’ll be like Angkor Waaaaat when you lay eyes on this beauty. Angkor Wat is considered the biggest religious monument...

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Arriving in Cambodia

Arriving in Cambodia After spending four wonderful nights in Malaysia it was time to head off to Cambodia. We were super stoked out to visit the country, especially Siem Reap–the home of the infamous Angkor Wat. Visiting Cambodia can be very easy with a U.S. passport. You just need to make sure to plan ahead and obtain your E-Visa beforehand to make the arrival process eazy-breezy (smooth and seamless). We chose to fly to Siem Reap because there are many low cost carriers in Southeast Asia, making the plane ride affordable. It is also quicker and safer than entering...

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