Banteay Srei: The Pink Temple

“The Pink Temple” of Banteay Srei is a beautiful site that gets its nickname because of the elegant pink hue that the temples emit in the morning sunlight.  The setting is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect spot for a photoshoot.

How to Get There?

Getting to Banteay Srei takes around an hour by car from the Siem Reap city center.  Although the drive and distance is quite far it is worth the trip. You’ll get a chance to view provincial villages, ricefields, and maybe a villager or two sleeping on a water buffalo.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Banteay Srei is at Dawn.  If you hired a private driver have them pick you up before sunrise so that you can get there at the crack of dawn.  The lighting is just spectacular at the break of dawn. The sky will radiate with the gentle orange glow of the morning sun.  A silky pink and orange hue will tickle the intricately carved structures of Banteay Srei and leave you breathless. Be prepared to take as many pictures as you can because you’ll only have the perfect lighting for a few minutes.   Another reason to arrive early is because you’ll beat the crowd that comes with tour busses.

How Much Does It Cost?

Great news! The entrance fee is included with the Temple Pass.  Chee heee!

Traveling Aloha’s Final Thoughts on Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is u‘i (beautiful in Hawaiian) and is worth the trip, especially if you get mo den one day to explore da sites of Angkor Archaeological Park. The pinkish glow of the ruins in the early morning light will make for some ono (delicious) pictures for you to show your family and friends back home.  

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