Batu Caves: Hindu religious sight in natural caves

These limestone caves house a Hindu temple and shrines. Outside is a very large statue (the largest statue in Malaysia) of the Hindu deity Lord Murugan, painted in gold and standing at 42.7 meters or 140 feet high.

Spread the Aloha by Lending a Hand

When you visit the caves, why not lend a hand, and help carry some buckets of sand up for the work that is in progress in the caves. Of course, you will be carrying them along with yourself up 272 steps. Ryan and I hike often, so this climb was not difficult for us, but there were many people huffing and puffing along the way. 

Appreciating the cave’s natural wonders and man-made beauty

The caves are a mix of natural beauty and man-made wonders. One thing to take note of is that there are many mischievous monkeys in the caves, so hold onto your belongings.

Spiders and Crawlies and Bats Oh My!

Dark Cave: Scary walk with Creepy Crawlies

Along with the Batu caves you can opt for the Dark Cave tour. There is an Adventure tour, which you need to book in advance, and an Educational Tour (cost= RM 35) which was adventure enough for me. The guide gives all visitors a helmet and a small flashlight and explains that visitors must stay on the path at all times. Trust me, you want to stay on the path. It was my safe place on this tour.

Do You Guano Know Something Cool About the Dark Caves?

I loved that, even though you need to pay to enter the Dark Cave, this cave and tour are part of a good conservation effort and that the tour is informative. I did not love wondering if the drop on my neck was water seeping through limestone or guano (bat droppings). Yes, there are loads of bats. In fact, on either side of the path the ground is covered in guano which is then covered in cockroaches. EWWW! Nor did I love all the creepy crawlies which included tons of cockroaches, some spiders, and a few centipedes and tiny snails.

Don’t veer off the path or you’ll be knee deep in guano!

The Experience 

There are formations in the cave and the guides do a great job of spotlighting things to see, including the creepy crawlies. They also let you experience, briefly, the pitch black in the middle of the cave. There is an opening on the other end of the cave where the light can stream through into the surrounding darkness.

Back at the entrance I felt relieved to have traversed past all the creepy crawlies unscathed, although still unsure if my neck was covered in guano!