How we scored 5 free nights in singapore

What’s better than spending five nights in Singapore?  Spending five nights in Singapore for FREE. We were able to get the 80,000 points that we needed through the sign-up bonus that we received from signing up for the Hilton Honors Credit Card.  One of the cool perks about being a Hilton Honors member is that when you pay with points you get the fifth night for free.  The cost of our hotel per night was 20,000 points, and with the fifth night free we only had to use 80,000 points instead of 100,000.

gold member perks

Little India was our home base in Singapore as we had five free nights at the Hilton Garden Inn from our sign-up bonus. It ended up a good stay because we got a room upgrade, early check-in, free breakfasts (which were actually good), and late check-out. We were able to earn all of these free perks because Ryan is a Hilton Honors Gold member.  He earned his Gold Status for free (without staying any nights at a Hilton property) through his American Express Platinum Credit Card).

Why stay in little india?

We liked staying in Little India. It was easy to get around from here on the MRT and bus and we were in the middle of several of our destinations. We stopped in at the Indian Heritage Centre and picked up a map of a walking tour in Little India including information about the many places of worship. We checked out mosques, churches, and temples (some only from the outside due to our time of visit). Remember that you need to dress appropriately to visit these places of worship. Shorts, short skirts/dresses, and tank tops are not considered appropriate for these visits, and while some places provide wraps I think it is best to dress conservatively. You should cover your hair for mosque visits and cover your legs and arms for most religious sites to show respect and keep traveling aloha.

Mustafa center: 24 hour shopping.  24 hour cheap eats.

Another thing we liked was that there were plenty of cheap-eats in the neighborhood. Predominantly Indian food of course, with a big mix of other foods as well. We stopped by the sprawling Mustafa Center and wandered around, just taking in the variety of things for sell here. There are other more modern malls nearby, but they aren’t as interesting as this one. I am not a big shopper and I wouldn’t go out of my way to check out the Mustafa Center, as prices in Singapore are pretty high and we are going to visit less expensive destinations on this trip. But, since it was in the neighborhood it was worth a wander.

Another thing to consider is that this area feels a bit like being in India, but less chaotic and less populated. Except on Sundays! Sundays are a busy time to be in Little India. This area is filled with people on Sundays. Mostly men, due to the fact that there are a lot of Indian migrant workers in Singapore who have Sundays off and come to Little India to pray at the temples and stay to commune with one another and relax together. If you haven’t been to India or are not half Indian like me, a visit to Little India is an interesting cultural experience in Singapore. If you have been to India and enjoyed it, love Indian food, or are Indian, you will feel right at home!

the verdict 

Singapore is a great place to get your feet wet if you are visiting Asia for the first time. It is even better if you get to spend five nights at a Hilton for free. Staying in Little India is a great option for those who want a break from the massive skyscrapers in the city center and want a taste of the old-world culture from Singapore’s past.