The Jalan Alor food street in KL is a great place to go for lively nighttime eats. But yes, everyone else thinks so too. You will gawk at the unique eats shoulder to shoulder with strangers, and it’s an uphill battle each way to get from one end of the street to the other.

There are things to eat representing most of SE Asia and plenty of unique sweet bites too. We did a full sweep before deciding what we wanted to try.

We ended up starting with Dragons Breath, which we had seen at the Geylang Sarai market (click here) but hadn’t tried. It doesn’t taste like much more than frozen cereal, but it allows you to bellow smoke like a dragon.

Vegetarian options were admittedly limited, but they were available. Ryan tried some dumplings and while they had a few vegetarian selections I opted to pass on these colorful creations.

Ultimately I opted for Thai food at one of the eateries lining the street with plastic stools and tables. It was a good choice for me because I love Thai food and it was cheap, spicy, and delicious.

I regret not saving room for noodles because watching them being made was mesmerizing. In the end we knew the most important thing we needed to try because locals told us we must. Durian.

Neither of us had ever tried Durian. We knew the smell could be so powerfully overwhelming and akin to a bomb that it was banned from Singapore’s trains. What we did not know was how it would taste.

Ryan described the flavor as an egg omelet with onions. I am going with green onions. Certainly not like any other fruit we have tasted.

The issue for me in the end was not the smell (hold your nose) or the flavor (hey, onions aren’t so bad) it was the texture (slimy is not a texture I crave even in my favorite fruit, mango). But, mission accomplished, we tried Durian!