I was super excited to visit the Cloud Forest attraction at the Gardens by the Bay in SIngapore.  The Cloud Forest is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and boasts the world’s largest indoor waterfall. Say whaaaaat! I would describe it as The Lost World meets Bio-Dome. If you are like me and grew up in the late 80s to early 90s then experiencing the Cloud Forest was like getting to play a small part in the movies Jurassic Park and Bio-dome with Pauly Shore.  So go check ‘um out Buuud-eee.

The Cloud Forest is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and boasts the world’s largest indoor waterfall. Say whaaaaat!

As you make your way into the Cloud Forest you encounter a massive multi-tiered waterfall that will make you stop in awe of this marvelous man-made beauty. Be sure to take a selfie from afar to catch all of the waterfall in your shot. If you are brave enough to get a little wet, you can get up close and personal and take your selfie from the base of the falls.

Keep an eye out for the driftwood animal art. It’s super cool. You’ll find creatures from this world and from our fantasies hidden throughout the Cloud Forest and the Gardens by the Bay.
My favorite part of the exhibit was exploring the lost world.  A short elevator ride takes you to the lost world section of the Cloud Forest. Fresh air from the lush vegetation will give your nose a treat, as a cool mist from the waterfall provides a fresh reprieve from the humid climate outside. There you will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire forest.  I couldn’t help but marvel at the architecture of the Cloud Forest.  The bugga is unreal (it was amazing).
Navigating the treetop and cloud walks was good fun (how we say really fun in pidgin) and will provide lots of opportunities to take selfies and fulfill any childhood yearning to live and play like the Ewoks in the trees.  

Getting There

To best way to get here is to take the downtown line to bayfront.  From there follow the signs to the Marina Bay Gardens.

The Cloud Forest is located just pass the Supertree Grove. Along the way enjoy a scenic stroll through the gardens. Take a few selfies with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and marvel at the Supertree Grove.  


Single Ticket

  • Cost per adult S$14.
  • Cost per Child S$7.50

Combo Ticket to Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

  • Cost per adult S$28
  • Cost per child S$15
Pro tip

Look for special offers. At the time of our visit they were offering a special 50% off the standard rate for the annual pass. The pass included the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Skywalk for S$34.  If you bought the tickets separately your cost would be S$36. Not only do you save S$2, but you get unlimited access to the attractions. This will allow you to observe each attraction during the day and night.