Wanaka is an outdoorsy town located at the foothills of Lake Aspiring National Park. While Wanaka has its share of outdoor adventures, we only had time for a quick stop at Lake Wanaka while on transit to Hokitika. I was super excited to see “The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka.”

The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka is one of the most photographed trees in New  Zealand, and for good reason. With its pristine backdrop of majestic mountains and tiny islands in the landscape to the mirror like properties of Lake Wanaka any photograph taken with The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka will take your breath away.  

Malama Ka `Aina (Respecting the Land)

That is why any visitor of The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka should Malama Ka `Aina (respect the land).  For anyone growing up in Hawaii the practice of respecting the land is instilled into our everyday lives.  We are taught that our actions have a great impact on the environment around us, and that if we want to preserve nature’s natural beauty for generations to come, then we must Malama Ka `Aina (Respect the Land).

Respecting the land: Steps to Take

  • See-but-no-touch
  • Please do not hang on, sit in, or touch the tree
  • Leave no Trace: pack out what you pack in
  • Keep Traveling Aloha

How to Get to The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka

Finding The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka is pretty easy.  It’s just a little bit off the beaten path outside of the main town of Wanaka.  There is a tiny parking lot at the end of Roy’s Bay where you can park and have a picnic. From the parking lot take a relaxing stroll along the bank of the bay, probably about 5 minutes, until you see the tree.  Take some time to enjoy the crisp fresh air, gaze across the bay, and take some stunning pictures with The Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka. And please remember to Malama Ka `Aina and to Keep Traveling Aloha.