New Zealand is a country full of beautiful sights, friendly people, and extreme activities. The Adrenalin Forest at the Bay of Plenty is an attraction perfect for any thrill seeker looking for a rush.  Or, if you are deathly afraid of heights like me, the perfect place to “eat some concrete and harden up.” It’s a saying that Surina’s Cousin Tautane (Gorilla) constantly shouted at me as a way to encourage me by testing my manhood.  

How to Get There

The Adrenalin Forest at the Bay of Plenty is located just outside of Rotorua.  It’s a 30 minute from Rotorua drive along State Highway 36 towards Tauranga.  

The Experience

“Level 6, there is no option,” Surina stated matter-of-factly.  I smiled to mask my fear as I replied with a quick, “sure,” as to not draw too much attention to my plight.  If you’ve had a chance to read our About Us page, you will know that I am deathly afraid of heights.  But, ever since Surina and I met, I’ve been challenging myself to confront my fears.  The power of love, huh.

I shifted my gaze towards Tautane a.k.a. Gorilla (if you’re wondering about him and our nicknames visit our post on Tongariro Crossing: How We Survived Mount Doom) and realized that I wasn’t the only one with a smile mask on.  

There are six different levels at the Adrenalin Forest with each level getting progressively harder.  We decided to start at level 1 to get our feet wet. Level 1 was actually pretty easy, especially for someone who is afraid of heights like me.  Think of it as a giant McDonald’s playground in the trees with the added bonus of a zipline.

The true test: level 6

The first three levels were pretty easy.  They weren’t as high as levels 4 through 6, and didn’t require too much physical ability.  Level 4 started to test my metal. Level 5 was high, hard, and had me hoping that we would all decide to call it quits and go home.  That’s when Surina, my lovely fiancée who jumped out of an airplane the first time she flew, looked at Gorilla and me and said, “Level 6, there is no option.”

I forced a fain smile and said, “sure.”  I was saying “can,” but my mind was thinking, “no can!”  Level 6 was tough. It began with a 60 foot climb up a rope ladder and required us to navigate across obstacle after “Ninja Warrior” type obstacle. It tested us both physically and mentally.  I knew that I could handle the physical part, since my part-time job is a camel (i.e. doing all the heavy lifting for my honey), but mentally I was hoping that someone would rescue us.

I was not alone.  Gorilla had called to the attendant to be rescued, but was sent a cup of concrete instead.  Surina thought that she could use her “Girl Power” and get the workers to rescue her.  “No dice.” They told us that we were almost to the end and that it would be all ziplines the rest of the way.  They lied.

Let’s just say that if they would have let us quit, we would have.  But we made it to the end because “Level 6, there is no option,” and to celebrate we said Cheea (Cheers Kiwi style) to an ice cold Kiwi Brew.  

The Verdict

Check ‘um out.  Even though the Adrenalin Forest tested us both mentally and physically, I am glad that we did it.  It was definitely a memorable experience that you can tell your grandchildren about. “Level 6, there is no option.”