One Day in Queenstown

With only one full day in Queenstown we had to be sure to make the most of it. We arrived at night, so we basically just checked in and went to sleep. The next morning, we woke up early and went for a walk around the Queenstown Gardens. We walked around the lake and inside the gardens. It was great to take our time and explore in a leisurely fashion.

We even took some time to skip rocks. Ok, so Ryan skipped rocks and tried to teach me how. I pretty much suck at skipping rocks, but hey, I’m just learning. My record was 3 skips (which I only achieved once) and his record was probably 9 or 10 skips.
It was really a beautiful walk and the sights were great. We liked exploring the garden as well and luckily the roses were in bloom.

Quick Bites in Queenstown

Of course, after so much wandering, we got hungry. Next stop: Fergburger!

Don’t worry; it’s vegetarian friendly, with two unique vegetarian burgers and fish burgers too. Of course, Ryan was happy with his meat burger. The line was long, but not too long and it moved along at a quick pace. It was pretty crowded though and with a beautiful beach not far away, we knew how to turn this lunch stop into a pro-picnic.

NEvis Swing

After our picnic, we had just enough time to digest and get to the AJ Hackett Bungy store to check in for the Nevis Swing and wait for our shuttle van to take us 45 minutes to the site. We pre-booked this adventure, because this has been a bucket list item for a few years and I was full of anticipation. Ryan, on the other hand, was filled with dread and doubts about keeping his lunch down. For videos of our experience on the Nevis Swing click here.

Queenstown Hill Hike

It was amazing! I loved it, but it was definitely a fast fling. Fortunately, The Nevis crew recommended we do the Queenstown Hill Hike for sunset. Honestly, we didn’t know much about it so we got some supplies and just went for it. It was a bit of a trek for Ryan with his bag full of drinks and snacks, but it was a lovely hike with huge mushrooms, rock-stacks, gnome houses, and a basket of dreams. The views were stunning and I definitely recommend this hike.