In October of 2010 everything changed quickly after we met. By early 2011 we were madly in love and beginning to go on adventures together within Hawaii and to California. Going to festivals, hiking, visiting friends and family, and pursuing adventure. The following year we went to Burning Man together (Ryan’s first/Surina’s third), did more island hopping, and went back to California. By 2013 we were ready to go big or go home. We quit our jobs and traveled for four months in India, Italy, and Spain. We continue to travel every year, sometimes multiple times a year. We continue to push one another to overcome fears (mostly Ryan’s fear of heights), to be better people, to help others, and to spread Aloha. Now we are both full time teachers on Maui and we travel during most of our school breaks. When we aren’t traveling, we are loving and living the Hawaiʻi life.