One of the coolest things about living in Hawaii is that everyday can feel like a holiday.  A perfect example is this past Wednesday, February 28, 2019. On Tuesday my co-worker filled me in on some exciting information.

“Bruno Mars is going to be performing a concert for a corporate event at The Grand Wailea,” he exclaimed.

“What! No way?” I replied.  “How could we see him perform if it’s a private event?”

The answer was simple.  The event was private, but the beach is free.  All we had to do was find a spot on the beach and we would be able to listen and watch him perform for free.

One thing to note about people from Hawaii is that we have a soft spot for anyone or anything that is associated with Islands. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to watch one of Hawaii’s very own for free.

So we made plans to show up early, grab a prime spot, and bring some pupus to enjoy Bruno on the beach.  

RIght after work we jetted home to ready our supplies for the event.  I prepared a vegetarian sausage sandwich topped it with roasted red peppers, jalapenos, and portobello mushrooms that were all sauteed with butter, garlic, and herbs all on sourdough bread.  The garlicky aroma and mouthwatering taste of the sandwich would make any meat-eater consider switching to veg.

I then prepared an onslaught  of drinks that would quench any thirst before packing our cooler with all of our provisions.

I made sure to pack a beach blanket, portable muti-colored led lights (for party effect), pillows, and some warm clothes. When going to an outdoor event it’s always smart to be prepared.

With our provisions packed into our modest teacher ride we headed out to the concert.  When we arrived at the beach we were surprised that they had closed all of the beach parking lots.  Where were we going to park? Luckly, the universe had our back. We had just made our turn at the end of the road when someone was ready to pull right out.  

“You like our parking?” the savior from the beach asked, “We leaving now.”

“Shoots” I replied.  We had just scored a prime parking spot.  Today was going to be a good day. The space was big enough for two cars, so we decided to spread the aloha by saving a space for our friend who showed up a few minutes later.

Ready for the concert

Ready and excited for Bruno we made our way along the Wailea Beach Walk to the Grand Wailea to find our spot for the concert.

We found the perfect spot on the beach.  It had a great view of the stage and it was right next to the water.  We knew that the tides would be rising later in the night, so I created a sand barrier to protect us from encroaching waves and a sand-mountain to stand on so that we could see above the crowd..

Our neighbors for the night liked my idea so much that they followed suit and created their own sand-mountain.  Before we knew it we had created our own little oasis in the crowd.

As we waited for Bruno to perform we had a perfect view of the sun setting into the ocean.  People were singing and dancing and having a good time. At one point Sweet Caroline played on someone’s radio and transformed the entire beach into a massive karaoke sing-a-long.

24 Karat Magic

Then at 9 pm the 24 Karat Magic filled the air as Bruno Mars came on stage and began his performance.  It was a blissful experience on the beach. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was happy. Everyone was having a good time.

I couldn’t believe that we were getting a chance to watch one of the best performers in the world perform for free…on the beach…after work…on a typical Wednesday night in Hawaii Nei.

I couldn’t imagine a more magical spot for a concert.  Imagine yourself watching Bruno Mars performing live under the stars and backdropped by some of the finest resorts in the world.  Palm trees sway to-and-fro to the rhythm of the music. You can hear the waves crashing on the shore behind you. The salty smell of the ocean fills the air. The sky seems endless as the light from the moon and stars twinkle on the water.  

Oh, did I mention that we were at free Bruno Mars concert on the beach.

the grand finale 

And then Fireworks.  Have you ever seen fireworks on the ocean before?  Wow. The lights, colors, and patterns of the fireworks show are amplified by the mirror-like reflection of the ocean.

Sunset on the beach.  Bruno Mars Concert. Fireworks show.  A perfect ending to a Wednesday workday in Hawaii.